Who Is Miss Leya?

A Lifetime Of Adventure

Fetish is my life, that and promoting happiness and compassion within our community.

I am a sadist, an extrovert, an exhibitionist and a celebrator of life.

I love my job with every fiber in my body and it is only because of your continued love and support that I am able to embrace my passions and mold them into my career.

Thank you.

We're All Mad Here

I have been in the fetish scene for nearly 20 years now, you guys are my family and super important in my life. Diversity is what makes the world a beautiful place and I feel we should embrace our kinks and and be god damn proud of them! 

And ourselves for being totally, ridiculously awesome!

The Best Gift

Just keep being there, keep being you and keep enabling me to be the happiest kinkster that ever there was.

Stay Kinky x