Submit To Me

Miss, Mistress or Goddess...

Before we go any further, you should be aware of the correct way to address Me. I will respond to Miss, Mistress or Goddess and you better ensure they are typed with a capital letter or you will not be receiving any kind of acknowledgement.

My professional skills were taught over a number of years in the old school fashion, under three more experienced Dominatrix who I still adore and respect. I do not expect you automatically submit to Me the first time we meet... why should I? Submission and respect is earned, but once earned I shall command it at all times.

I am kind, loving, fair and stern. Sadism is my ultimate passion, but be warned, once I start I have a lust to draw blood.

Do not be afraid to tell me what you like or ask if it may be included in a session. But be prepared for a flat NO and if I say NO I mean NO.


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